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WA7AJ Visits Falklands/Antarctica

A.J. Parry  (

The Falkland Islands

WA7AJ and XYL Janet spent a day touring the Falkland Islands as part of their recent trip to the Antarctic Circle.    The Falkland Islands are an overseas territory of the UK located off the southeast coast of South America.    They are about a day's sailing time from the Antartic Circle.    The local population is about two thousand.    At one time the economy was largely based on sheep farming.    Now, fishing and tourism are the main industries.

A.J.   and Janet were hosted by Charlie (VP8ML) and Maud McKenzie (VP8NY).    Charley is a retired sheep farmer.    Charlie and Maud are among some ten to fifteen active hams on the islands (not including those that have 2-meter mobiles for travel in and about the islands).

Charlie was licensed in 1970, and Maud in 1974.    Ham radio interest is strong in the family.    Two stepsons, Shorty (VP8NE) and Bob (VP8ADR) are hams, as is a nephew (VP8NE).   

The cost of equipment imported to the Islands is very high.    As a result, most of VP8ML's equipment is homebrewed.    He does have a 100-watt British Racal transceiver and a Yaesu HF linear amplifier.

Charlie often listens on 21.325 MHz +/- at 20:00 UTC.    Give him a call when the band is open!

Here's the combined QSL card for VP8ML and VP8NY.

Well displayed throughout the radio shack are many very interesting QSL cards, a result of 33 years as an active DXer...

Because of the island winds, towers can be a problem. Note also a lack of significant trees! These two antennas are operated at ground level. The quad has been built out of fiberglass fishing rods.

Charlie and Maud....

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