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Bob's Photo Pages

California QSO Party, 2004

Modoc County, California QSO Party

CODXC's 2004 expedition to Modoc County for the California QSO Party took place on October 2-3.    Despite some initial equipment troubles, we broke our previous score record and finished second overall.    Weather was excellent, band conditions were good, and accommodations were great!

As in prior years, we operated from the Timber Mountain Lookout station, and used the callsign KS6U.

Photos by WS7N, K2DI, and Diane

We crammed two tri-banders, several dipoles, and three operating positions into a very small space.

K2DI in the "Presidential Suite" operating position....

K4XU self-actualizing on Saturday night....

KI6Y in the "Arctic DXpedition Simulator"....

Diane (part of the resident fire-spotting crew) put on several fabulous meals and took several of these photos. Thanks for putting up with us!

A shot from the lookout tower with the trailer power and our tent in the foreground. Also shown: one of three resident communications facilities on this hilltop. None of this "can you hear me now?" stuff when you are up here...

Another shot from the lookout tower showing the site. One of the stations was located in the reddish-colored building, another in the RV, and the third station in the tent. Our PC network cabling and coax is also visible on the ground.

The sitelines in all directions are spectacular....

Ron, W7YOW, spends all summer here (with Diane) as fire spotter. Here, Ron relaxes in his corner office....

Sunset on Saturday night...

The site after rolling up all of our stuff....

The operators this year: Ron (W7YOW), Charlie (KI6Y), Dick (K4XU), Bob (WS7N), Bill (K2DI), and Ed (K7YLO).

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