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7QP - 7th Call Area QSO Party

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After a year off, EAARS was back again in 2012 from the Graham/Greenlee county line in Arizona as K7EAR. Here's a view of the SSB operating bus at twilight, including the perigee moon. The 10M/15M tower is to the left, the 20M/75M tower to the right, and the 40M 4-Square in the center. Preliminary results: over 1,125,000 points, shattering their previous record by more than 50%! More pictures from the K7EAR operation here and N5IA's writeup from 3830 here.

The Latest.....

June 11, 2012 - The 2012 results are in! Click the Results tab above; also see K4XU's Summary and Analysis.

Category winners:

W0BH	Non-7 Single-Op High Mixed
KA3DRR	Non-7 Single-Op High CW
WA5ZUP	Non-7 Single-Op High Phone
K9OM	Non-7 Single-Op Low Mixed
N6MU	Non-7 Single-Op Low CW
W1KDA	Non-7 Single-Op Low Phone
KS4X	Non-7 Single-Op QRP Mixed
W4UT	Non-7 Single-Op QRP CW
WA9NBU	Non-7 Single-Op QRP Phone
K2SSS	Non-7 Multi-Single High
K6MM	Non-7 Multi-Single Low
K9WX	Non-7 Multi-Multi
N9FN	Non-7 County Expedition Multi-Single
KJ9C	Non-7 Mobile Low Mixed
K1KI	Non-7 Mobile Low CW
K6BBQ	Non-7 Mobile QRP Mixed

K7L 7th Area Single-Op High Mixed K7QQ 7th Area Single-Op High CW K7AWB 7th Area Single-Op High Digital WS7X 7th Area Single-Op High Phone W7YKM 7th Area Single-Op Low Mixed NE7D 7th Area Single-Op Low CW W7SVD 7th Area Single-Op Low Digital KK7AC 7th Area Single-Op Low Phone W7YAQ 7th Area Single-Op QRP Mixed N6MA 7th Area Single-Op QRP CW K7PDW 7th Area Single-Op QRP Digital WA7PVE 7th Area Single-Op QRP Phone WS7N 7th Area Multi-Single High N7MAL 7th Area Multi-Single Low KU7Y 7th Area Multi-Single QRP N7AT 7th Area Multi-Multi NG7M 7th Area County Expedition Single-Op K7AUO 7th Area County Expedition Multi-Single K7EAR 7th Area County Expedition Multi-Multi KT7G 7th Area Mobile High Mixed K7UT 7th Area Mobile High Phone K7BG 7th Area Mobile Low Mixed N7XU 7th Area Mobile Low CW K7TQ 7th Area Mobile QRP CW

May 26, 2012 - We're looking for pictures and videos that capture the 7QP experience! We've started a page devoted to 2012 7QP pictures (and videos) -- see here.    We'll award a 7QP coffee mug to the submitter of the best photo or video received by August 1.    Send your best photos (or videos) to WS7N.    Judges will be K2DI, K4XU, and WS7N.    All photos submitted are subject to minor editing prior to posting on our site, and don't forget to supply good info about the context of the photo.    We have to write captions to go with these photos!
The 2012 version of the 7QP Coffee Mug is here, and you can have one in your shack! These handmade 12-ounce coffee mugs are available in three colors: blue, red, and black.

These mugs are produced right here in Bend, Oregon by Owen Dearing of Mug Revolution.    They are dishwasher and microwave oven safe and can be used with any beverage.

Visit the 7QP Coffee Mugs page for pictures and more information.   

July 27, 2011 - Find all-time 7QP Records! Thanks to Scott (K7ZO) we now have summarized all-time records for 7QP in our "7QP History" pages.    See the 7QP Records page.

2012 Pacific Northwest DX Convention

The 2012 Edition of the Pacific Northwest DX Convention will be held August 3rd through the 5th in Clackamas, Oregon.    The Willamette Valley DX Club is the organizer and sponsor of this major event.

For complete information, visit here.

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