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Field Day, 2006

Another successful CODXC effort in the annual ARRL Field Day event.    Again this year we operated from the Bear Creek Elementary School in Bend.

Photos by WA7AJ (mostly) and K2DI.

Three shacks: KS6U's 5-th wheel, W9CZ's GOTA trailer and the club tent.

Kids operating the GOTA station (W7CTA).

K7HSJ searching for 6m QSOs.

K4XU running the HF bands.

K7HSJ and K7IMO providing much-needed supervision.

6m beam and club's trailer-mounted tower (with tri-bander).

Pole-mounted tri-bander for second HF station.


ARES and the county Sheriff brought emergency-communication information and equipment demonstrations.

K7IMO working SSB.

Tent takedown time.

Tower trailer ready to go home.

Tent takedown time II.

Tent takedown time III.

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