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7QP - the 7th Call Area QSO Party
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From the W7RN Multi-Multi operation. Operators present locally: K5RC, K6NV, and KH2TJ. Remote operators: AA6AA, K9DX, WX5S, and K5XI. Here's KH2TJ in the last hour of the contest and in the background you can see both remote hosts lit up.

The Latest.....

May 4, 2019 - Logs are due by May 15 -- see the Rules for details.    Please check your log file before submitting it, especially if you're inside the 7th call area.    Be sure the Cabrillo file's QSO records contain your complete location code, e.g. ORDES.    If they show only OR or DES, fix the configuration ("ORDES", not "OR DES") and re-generate the Cabrillo file.    Thanks!

March 14, 2019 - Two main rule changes for 2019 -- digital QSOs are now worth 4 points instead of 3, and we've dropped the 6 and 2 meter bands.    For complete rules, click the Rules link in the left column of this page.
May 22, 2018 - The results are in! Scores from the 2018 7QP have been posted. See the "2018 Results" tab for all the details.    Here are the category winners:
W0BH	Non-7 Single-Op High Mixed
K9OM	Non-7 Single-Op High CW
W6AFA	Non-7 Single-Op High Phone
N8II	Non-7 Single-Op Low Mixed
N6MU	Non-7 Single-Op Low CW
K6GHA	Non-7 Single-Op Low Phone
AI6DO	Non-7 Single-Op QRP Mixed
KE0TT	Non-7 Single-Op QRP CW
N8URE	Non-7 Single-Op QRP Digital
WA2VYA	Non-7 Single-Op Assisted High Mixed
NA6O	Non-7 Single-Op Assisted High CW
W9KKN	Non-7 Single-Op Assisted High Phone
K6DAJ	Non-7 Single-Op Assisted Low Mixed
K0VBU	Non-7 Single-Op Assisted Low CW
AG6AG	Non-7 Single-Op Assisted Low Phone
W6GMT	Non-7 Single-Op Assisted QRP Mixed
K8ZT	Non-7 Single-Op Assisted QRP CW
NX6T	Non-7 Multi-Single High
N1SOH	Non-7 Multi-Single Low
W9UUU	Non-7 Multi-Multi
KJ9C	Non-7 Mobile Single-op Low Mixed
K9WX	Non-7 Mobile Multi-single Low Mixed
WA1Z	Non-7 Mobile Multi-single Low CW

K7RL	7th Area Single-Op High Mixed
WJ9B	7th Area Single-Op High CW
KD7RF	7th Area Single-Op High Phone
W7YAQ	7th Area Single-Op Low Mixed
KE2VB	7th Area Single-Op Low CW
N7UVH	7th Area Single-Op Low Digital
KK7AC	7th Area Single-Op Low Phone
N7JI	7th Area Single-Op QRP Mixed
W7YS	7th Area Single-Op QRP CW
N7AM	7th Area Single-Op QRP Digital
N7FLT	7th Area Single-Op QRP Phone
K7XC	7th Area Single-Op Assisted High Mixed
K7V	7th Area Single-Op Assisted High CW
KA6BIM	7th Area Single-Op Assisted High Phone
KN7K	7th Area Single-Op Assisted Low Mixed
N7QQ	7th Area Single-Op Assisted Low CW
N7MZW	7th Area Single-Op Assisted Low Phone
WC7S	7th Area Single-Op Assisted QRP CW
NA7TB	7th Area Multi-Single High
W7IVM	7th Area Multi-Single Low
W7F	7th Area Multi-Multi
NR7T	7th Area Single-County Expedition Single-Op
K7ODX	7th Area Single-County Expedition Multi-Single
N7T	7th Area Single-County Expedition Multi-Multi
AA5TL	7th Area County-Line Expedition Single-Op
AE7EU	7th Area County-Line Expedition Multi-Single
K7UM	7th Area County-Line Expedition Multi-Multi
N7N	7th Area Open Expedition
K7KC	7th Area Mobile Single-op High Phone
N7XU	7th Area Mobile Single-op Low CW
KD7SU	7th Area Mobile Single-op Low Phone
K7C	7th Area Mobile Multi-single Low Mixed

April 20, 2018 - CW Mobile Window added to suggested-frequency rules: "Suggested operating frequencies: 1815 and 40 kHz up on CW, except on 40m, where 7025-7035 is suggested (a window for mobiles to call CQ should be observed from 35 to 40 kHz up; others should not call CQ or run stations there); ..."

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7QP / The 7th Call Area QSO Party

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