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7QP - the 7th Call Area QSO Party
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The Latest.....

April 7, 2017 - Four weeks to go! 7th-area stations, please let us know your plans -- click the 2017 Planned Operations tab above.    Keeping the list up-to-date will help state captains and others fill "empty" counties and help county-hunters know what to look for..

December 26, 2016 - NEW RULES (here) -- Changes for 2017.

In response to many requests, we have added a "Single-op Assisted" category.   As a result, the Multi-op Single Transmitter category is being trimmed to two classes: just low or high power.

In the County Expedition category, we are adding an "Open" class.   This is in response to a big multi-county effort made last year by a group from the Northern California Contest Club.   They operated multi-multi from several different county lines, one spot in a single county, and ran as a mobile while driving between them.   Not wanting to hamper this kind of enthusiasm, we have created a category we call Open, or as one might put it, "none of the above".

In concert with the Assisted category, we are enabling any mobile station to beacon its location using APRS.   Only your call and location may be sent, not your frequency.   This should improve the way many fixed stations chase the mobiles.

We are going to keep the ten-day log filing deadline.   Since 90% of all participants are using electronic logging, submitting your log is a matter of a few mouse clicks: export the Cabrillo formatted log file, attach it to an email, and send it off to the sponsors of all four QSO parties that happen on our weekend.   This shorter deadline allows us to process and score all the logs, determine the category and state/province/county winners, and send out the certificates -- all before the first of June.

A few suggestions are in order.   When operating mobile, simply signing /M doesn't help you or the people who are supposedly waiting for you to show up in a new county.   Signing /ORDES, or simply /DES for brevity, is enough to let folks know where you are and it prevents dupes.   In this age of ubiquitous skimmers, it also helps the assisted ops to find new mults.   For fixed stations using assistance, telling N1MM to "spot all S&P QSOs" will put more spots out on the SSB end of the bands.

As mentioned above, there are three other QSO parties on our weekend: Indiana, New England, and Delaware.   Don't ignore them.   Copy their complete exchange.   If the QSO doesn't count for 7QP or one of the others, it doesn't matter.   All of the sponsors can sort out your log in their scoring; you do not need to sort QSOs.   

N1MM+ is the best logger for 7QP.   If you are inside the 7th call area, use the "7QP" state overlay.   If you are inside one of the other three QSO Party state/call areas, use their respective State QSO Party overlay.   All others should use the state overlay called "IN7QPNE".   Now you can log ALL of the possible exchanges without the hassle of changing contest overlays.   N1MM+ allows and can score all of the exchanges used on our weekend.

(New afterthought, from K3CT): For County Line, Expedition or Mobile stations using N1MM+, the user must select one of these Station Categories: Rover, Mobile, Rover-Limited, or Rover-Unlimited.

Send your logs to:,,, and   The subject line must have your callsign only.

See you all on May 6th.

Dick Frey, K4XU
7QP contest manager

June 1, 2016 - Category winners (below) corrected.    NU0T is now the winner of Non-7 Single-Op QRP Mixed.

May 25, 2016 - The results are in!  See the 2016 Results and Soapbox tabs above and the Awards and All-Time Records links on the left side of this page.   For commentary, see K4XU's summary here.

Category winners:

NC6K	Non-7 Single-Op High Mixed
NA6O	Non-7 Single-Op High CW
W6AFA	Non-7 Single-Op High Phone
WQ6X	Non-7 Single-Op Low Mixed
N6MU	Non-7 Single-Op Low CW
KK4HEG	Non-7 Single-Op Low Digital
K6GHA	Non-7 Single-Op Low Phone
NU0T	Non-7 Single-Op QRP Mixed
KE0TT	Non-7 Single-Op QRP CW
WB0IWG	Non-7 Single-Op QRP Phone
K9OM	Non-7 Multi-Single High
N8II	Non-7 Multi-Single Low
N9NBC	Non-7 Multi-Single QRP
K4SBZ	Non-7 Multi-Multi
KO6RM	Non-7 Mobile Single-op Low Mixed
KJ9C	Non-7 Mobile Single-op Low CW
KC9TTR	Non-7 Mobile Single-op Low Phone
K9WX	Non-7 Mobile Multi-single Low Mixed
K7L	7th Area Single-Op High Mixed
N7QQ	7th Area Single-Op High CW
KZ7ZUL	7th Area Single-Op High Digital
KK7YC	7th Area Single-Op High Phone
W7OM	7th Area Single-Op Low Mixed
KC7V	7th Area Single-Op Low CW
N7AM	7th Area Single-Op Low Digital
KK7AC	7th Area Single-Op Low Phone
W7YAQ	7th Area Single-Op QRP Mixed
KU7Y	7th Area Single-Op QRP CW
N7UVH	7th Area Single-Op QRP Digital
KF7AXB	7th Area Single-Op QRP Phone
NR7DX	7th Area Multi-Single High
W7AI	7th Area Multi-Single Low
WC7S	7th Area Multi-Single QRP
W7RN	7th Area Multi-Multi
K0SN	7th Area Single-County Expedition Single-Op
KS7V	7th Area Single-County Expedition Multi-Single
K7D	7th Area Single-County Expedition Multi-Multi
NX1P	7th Area County-Line Expedition Single-Op
AE7EU	7th Area County-Line Expedition Multi-Single
W7PRA	7th Area County-Line Expedition Multi-Multi
N7N	7th Area Special Multi-Location
K7UT	7th Area Mobile Single-op High Phone
WW7D	7th Area Mobile Single-op Low Mixed
K7RE	7th Area Mobile Single-op Low CW
K7JSG	7th Area Mobile Single-op Low Phone
KT7G	7th Area Mobile Multi-single High Mixed
AG7F	7th Area Mobile Multi-single Low Mixed
N7XU	7th Area Mobile Multi-single Low CW
KG7SNE	7th Area Mobile Multi-single Low Phone
N7M	7th Area Mobile Multi-single QRP CW

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7QP / The 7th Call Area QSO Party

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