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7QP - the 7th Call Area QSO Party
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Received Logs

681 logs received as of 05/16/18.

Some logs may not have been received from the web form server at due to an email server problem. If you submitted your log via the web form and your callsign doesn't appear here, please send us a copy of the Cabrillo log file they returned to you (email to

Note: Logs with problems (e.g. QSO records showing 7th-area sent-location as OR or DES instead of ORDES) and logs submitted in formats other than Cabrillo may require additional processing time.

Category codes: s: single-op (unassisted), sa: single-op assisted, MS: multi-single, MM: multi-multi, C1: single-county expedition, CL: county-line expedition, Co: other expedition, ms: mobile single-op, mM: mobile multi-op, X: checklog; h/l/q: high/low/qrp, c/d/p/x: cw/digital/phone/mixed.    Please check your entry category.

sahx AA1ON   _slp K6GHA	  _slc KB9S    _slx N1PEB   _sqc NO2D	 _shc W7KF
_shc AA4DD   _slc K6III	  _slp KC0FOT  _MSl N1SOH   salx NO3U	 _shc W7LKG
_slc AA4GT   _slc K6KQV	  _slc KC1CRS  _slp N1TEK   salx NQ5M	 sahx W7MI
_CLs AA5TL   _slp K6KS	  _sqc KC1DVT  _MSh N2BJ    _C1s NR7T	 _sld W7MIN
_slx AA6MU   salp K6LR	  _slx KC2LM   salp N2JF    salp NR9K	 _shp W7MRF
_sqc AA6OC   _slc K6LRN	  _slp KC2PDO  sahc N2JNE   _shx NS2N	 _slc W7MTL
_slp AA6SF   sahx K6MM	  sahp KC3IZX  _slp N2MTG   _slp NS7U	 CLMM W7NB
_slp AA7TV   _shc K6MR	  _slx KC5DCT  salc N2SO    _shc NS8O	 _MSh W7O
salc AA8TA   _slp K6ORI	  salp KC5EGZ  _slc N2UU    _shx NT9M	 _shc W7OQ
salp AA8XR   _slx K6PGH	  C1MS KC7DM   sahc N2WK    salx NU1O	 sahx W7OTT
_slp AB1ZQ   _shc K6RB	  salp KC7FCW  _MSh N3DPB   _sqc NU7Y	 _slc W7POE
sahp AB4TT   _C1s K6WDE	  _C1s KC7YE   sahc N3KN    CLMS NV7CV	 CLMM W7PRA
salx AB5XM   _C1s K6WSC	  _slp KD0CVZ  sahx N3QE    _slc NW0M	 _shx W7PU
C1MS AB7HP   _shx K6XN	  _slp KD0RIY  salx N3RC    _slp NW4WB	 _shx W7QC
_slc AB7MP   _shx K6XX	  _slp KD2BME  _shx N3RJ    _slp NW5H	 _slp W7QHZ
_slc AB9CA   _slx K7AHF	  _slp KD4QMY  salc N3UA    _slp NW5Q	 _sld W7RAG
salc AB9YC   _shc K7AR	  _slp KD5BUC  _slx N4ARO   sahx NW8U	 _slp W7RTM
_slx AC6ZM   _slc K7AZT	  _slx KD5J    _shc N4CW    _CLs NX1P	 _slc W7RX
_slx AC7GL   mslp K7BDB	  _slp KD5YPH  sahc N4HB    _shc NX4N	 _slx W7SE
_slp AC7MX   __MM K7BTW	  _shp KD7FK   _slc N4IJ    _MSh NX6T	 sahx W7SLS
_slp AC9GK   sahp K7BVT	  _slp KD7RCJ  _sqc N4KEZ   _slx NX9Y	 _shp W7SMW
_slx AD1C    mMlx K7C	  _shp KD7RF   _slx N4OX    _slc NY9P	 sahc W7VJ
_slx AD4TJ   _CLs K7CAR	  mslp KD7SU   sahx N4QS    sahc OH3JF	 _slc W7VS
_sld AD6ZR   _slp K7CEX	  _C1s KD7VIK  _slx N4UC    _slp PP5DZ	 sahc W7VXS
_slx AD7XG   _shp K7CHC	  sahc KD8TNF  _shc N4UXA   salc VA2CZ	 _slp W7WIA
sahc AE1T    C1MS K7CJJ	  _slp KE0ITC  sahc N4VV    _slc VA3EC	 _shp W7WW
_slc AE6SF   __MM K7CST	  _sqc KE0TT   _slc N5DTT   _slc VA3FN	 _MSh W7XQ
_slp AE6YB   C1MM K7D	  _slx KE2D    sahx N5KB    _shx VA3TTB	 _slx W7YAQ
CLMS AE7EU   _slx K7DBN	  _slc KE2VB   salc N5RP    salp VA7EGZ	 _sqc W7YS
_slx AF5CC   _slc K7DR	  sahc KE4KY   _shc N5RZ    _slc VA7ST	 _slc W7Z
_slc AF5DM   _slp K7EAZ	  _slp KE6FQC  _CLs N5SJ    sahc VE2FK	 salc W7ZRC
sahc AF6SA   C1MM K7F	  _slx KE6GLA  salc N5TU    salp VE2GT	 _MSh W7ZZ
sahx AG5S    _slc K7FU	  _sqc KE6MT   _slp N5UOV   _slx VE3AYR	 sahc W8AT
salp AG6AG   _shc K7GA	  _C1s KE7DX   _slc N6AN    _shc VE3KP	 _slp W8BFX
_slc AG6V    _C1s K7GMX	  _slp KE7GKI  _slc N6GP    _slx VE3TM	 _slc W8BZY
_sqp AG7AA   _shp K7GPS	  _sqp KE7UQL  ___X N6HCN   _slx VE7BGP	 _slc W8IQ
_shp AG7KO   _slc K7GS	  _slp KE7ZAC  _slx N6HE    salc VE7IO	 sahx W8JH
_slp AG7ND   _sqc K7HBN	  _slp KE8FT   salx N6JNL   _slc VE9OA	 _slc W8KNO
_slc AI3KS   _slx K7HLN	  salc KE8G    _slc N6MU    _shx W0BH	 salx W8MSC
_sqx AI6DO   _C1s K7IA	  _slp KF0XO   _shx N6NR    salc W0GUY	 sahc W8PI
salx AI6JB   _slp K7JKM	  _slc KF3G    sahx N6RO    _slp W0JTC	 salc W8YZH
_shc AI6O    _shc K7JQ	  salp KF5KHS  sahx N6VH    _slp W0PAN	 salx W9AV
sahc AI6YN   _C1s K7JSG	  _slp KF6MIQ  sahx N6WM    _shc W0UY	 _slx W9EO
salp AI6ZV   _shc K7KAR	  salc KF7DUR  _slx N6YEU   _slx W0YJT	 sahp W9KKN
_sqc AJ6CX   mshp K7KC	  _slp KF7DX   _shp N6YMM   _MSh W1AF	 _slc W9LHG
_slp AK7EE   _MSh K7LFY	  _slp KF7OJA  _slx N6ZFO   sahc W1AJT	 sahx W9OA
_slc AK7O    _slc K7LTV	  _sqc KF7WNS  _slc N7AKC   _slp W1AKI	 _shc W9PA
_shc DK2OY   _slx K7MM	  _slp KF7ZN   _sqd N7AM    salc W1ARY	 _shx W9PL
_shc DL3DXX  _shp K7MZ	  _shp KF8MZ   _shx N7CW    _slc W1END	 salp W9QL
salx EC7ABV  _MSh K7N	  salc KG4IGC  _shx N7EO    _shc W1FJ	 salx W9TC
_slc HC2AO   sahc K7NJ	  sahp KG7ASQ  _sld N7ESU   _slp W1GHD	 __MM W9UUU
_slc JA1YNE  _slp K7NWR	  _slp KG7DAB  _sqp N7FLT   _shx W1NG	 _slx W9WI
_slc JA3JM   _C1s K7O	  _slp KG7NAD  salp N7GCO   sahc W1RH	 _slx WA0LIF
_slc JF1KWG  C1MS K7ODX	  _MSl KG7OHV  _shc N7GG    _sqx W1TEF	 _slc WA0LJM
_slx K0AE    _slp K7OJL	  _slp KG7PAR  _shp N7GTE   _shx W2ARP	 _slp WA1SAY
salc K0AP    _slp K7PGL	  CLMS KG7VUI  CLMM N7HR    _slc W2CVW	 _MSl WA1Z
sahp K0BAK   _C1s K7Q	  _slp KG9JP   sahx N7IP    _slp W2MWH	 sahx WA2VYA
_slp K0DAJ   _slx K7RBT	  salc KI0I    _slc N7IR    _shc W2RR	 salc WA3MD
sahx K0DEQ   _slx K7RFW	  _slc KI6OY   _sqx N7JI    _shx W2UDT	 _slc WA4EMU
_slx K0GEO   _MSh K7RI	  salp KI6SCT  _shp N7JP    _shc W3AKD	 _slp WA4JA
_slx K0HNC   _sqc K7RJ	  _slp KI7AAY  _slx N7JPF   salx W3RGA	 _slx WA5DTK
_shp K0IP    _shx K7RL	  _slp KI7HTP  _sqp N7LD    _slc W3WHK	 salc WA5LXS
_shx K0JJ    _shx K7RLD	  _slx KI7ID   _MSh N7LR    _slp W4BBT	 _slx WA5SOG
salx K0JPL   __MM K7SEL	  _slp KI7QCP  _slx N7MJ    salc W4EE	 _slp WA5SWN
sahp K0RJW   C1MM K7SI	  _MSl KI7RXZ  _slx N7MU    _slc W4KPG	 salx WA7AXT
_shc K0SN    _shx K7SS	  _shc KI7Y    salp N7MZW   _shp W4KW	 _slp WA7CPA
_slc K0TC    mslc K7TQ	  _slc KJ4IWZ  __Co N7N	    sahx W4MYA	 C1MM WA7LAW
salc K0VBU   salc K7ULS	  _slp KJ4KKD  sahc N7NM    _shc W4NZ	 sahc WA7LNW
_shc K0ZR    CLMM K7UM	  _slp KJ6RVK  salc N7QQ    _sqc W4QO	 _slx WA7SHP
_slp K1AUS   sahc K7V	  _slp KJ6WH   _shc N7RO    _slc W4SPR	 salp WA7YXY
salx K1DJ    salx K7VIT	  sahp KJ9B    _slp N7SYD   salc W4TTM	 _slc WA8KBU
sahx K1JB    _C1s K7WA	  mslx KJ9C    C1MM N7T	    _slc W4UT	 _slx WA8ZBT
_shc K1KI    _slc K7WP	  salp KK4BZ   _slp N7UFC   _slc W4XK	 salc WA9LEY
_slp K1LOL   sahx K7XC	  salc KK6KMU  _sld N7UVH   _slc W4ZPR	 _shx WB0SND
_slc K1VUT   _slp K7XE	  mslc KK6MC   _slp N7VPN   _shp W5JNP	 _slc WB0VPS
_slc K1ZE    _slp K7XI	  _slp KK6NON  _slx N7VS    _slp W5LDR	 _slx WB1KE
sahc K1ZZ    _C1s K7XPO	  _slp KK6VZE  mslc N7WA    _slc W5QLF	 _slc WB2AWQ
sahc K2DSW   _CLs K7ZI	  _slp KK7AC   salp N7WRO   _slp W5TCB	 ___X WB2COY
salc K2MK    _CLs K7ZX	  sahp KK7PR   _C1s N7WY    sahc W5TM	 sahx WB2PJH
_slx K2RP    sahc K7ZYV	  sahx KL7SB   _sqc N7XCZ   _slc W5TTE	 _sqc WB4MOR
sahp K2RYD   _slc K8AAX	  _slc KM4FO   mslc N7XU    _C1s W6ABM	 _slp WB6CZG
salc K2TE    _shc K8JQ	  sahc KM4FOC  sahc N8BJQ   _shp W6AFA	 _slc WB6ETY
_slx K3DMG   _sqc K8RJW	  _slp KM4HVE  _slx N8II    _shc W6CWM	 _shp WB6UIA
salx K3IE    _slc K8SIA	  salp KM4IAJ  _slx N8NA    _shc W6EU	 _slp WB7CYO
salx K3MAW   saqc K8ZT	  _slp KM6FOY  sahc N8UM    _shx W6FA	 _slc WB9HFK
sahx K3MD    _slc K9CT	  _shx KM6I    _sqd N8URE   saqx W6GMT	 _shc WC7Q
_shc K3TN    salc K9CW	  _slc KM6MCY  salc N8VV    _shx W6JBR	 saqc WC7S
_sqc K3TW    salc K9DR	  _slp KN4EWI  _slx N9BD    _slc W6NF	 _shx WD5K
sahc K3UA    _slp K9ELF	  _slp KN4JTU  _slc N9CK    sahc W6OAT	 _slc WD9FJL
sahx K3WI    sahc K9FN	  _slp KN4KTB  salp N9EAT   _slx W6RC	 ___X WF3T
sahc K3WJV   _slc K9GDF	  salx KN7K    _MSh N9FN    _slc W6RKC	 _slc WI0WA
_shp K4AKK   sahc K9JWI	  _slc KN7T    sahc N9KY    _shc W6RLL	 _shc WJ9B
_shc K4AMC   sahc K9NW	  salx KQ7TJ   salp N9VPV   sahx W6SX	 salx WK5N
_shx K4BAI   _shc K9OM	  __Co KR0ARK  _slc NA4SO   _slc W6TK	 _slc WN4AFP
salc K4GM    sahc K9OZ	  _shx KS7T    sahc NA6O    _shc W6UB	 _slp WQ6B
_slc K4KKL   _shp K9QJS	  _MSh KS7V    _MSh NA7TB   _slc W6UM	 salc WQ6X
_slc K4ORD   _shp K9RZ	  _shp KU4FX   _shc NA8V    _slp W6US	 _C1s WR7Q
salx K4RO    mMlx K9WX	  _slp KU5Y    sahx NB4M    _slc W6VMW	 _slp WR7X
_slc K4RUM   mslp K9YNP	  _slc KU7K    _shp NC6R    salp W7CO	 _slx WR9Y
salc K4UB    salx KA1WPM  _shx KU8E    _MSh NE1C    sahc W7CT	 C1MS WS7L
salp K4VBM   _slx KA2FHN  salp KV4MO   _MSh NE1QP   _slc W7CTA	 _slc WS7M
sahc K4WW    _slp KA4FVE  _slc KW4CW   _shx NE7D    _MSh W7DK	 _sld WT8P
_slc K4YJ    sahp KA4OTB  sahx KW7A    _slc NE8J    C1MM W7EAT	 sahx WT9U
_slx K4ZGB   sahx KA5M	  salx KW7WP   sahx NF4A    CLMM W7EEE	 _shp WU6W
sahc K5AX    sahp KA6BIM  salx KX4FR   _slp NF7E    __MM W7F	 _MSh WW1DX
_slp K5DCX   salx KA7T	  _shx KX7L    _slc NG1R    _slc W7GB	 salc WW9DX
sahx K5KPE   _slp KA7X	  _shp KZ1W    _C1s NG7IL   _slc W7GF	 sahc WW9R
salp K5LGX   sahx KB1RI	  _slc KZ5OM   _slc NG7Z    _slp W7GFW	 _shx WX4G
sahc K5UV    salc KB4DE	  sahc LY5W    _slc NI0R    _shx W7GKF	 _shp WX7P
_slp K6BOS   _slp KB6UNC  salc N0BK    _shc NI7R    _MSl W7IVM	 __Co WY7AA
_slc K6CSL   salp KB7HDX  _sqc N0MII   _MSl NJ1F    _slc W7IZ	 _slp WY7KY
salx K6DAJ   _slp KB7MBV  _slc N1ADM   CLMS NK7J    ___X W7JRD	 _C1s WZ6ZZ
_slc K6DGW   _shc KB7N	  salx N1API   _shc NN7ZZ   _slp W7KAM	 salp WZ8T
sahx K6EU    _slc KB9O	  _slc N1DC

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