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7QP - the 7th Call Area QSO Party

7QP Plaques


2015 Plaque Winners & Sponsors

Entry Category Sponsor Recipient
 Outside 7th Area Single-Op High-Power Mixed   CODXC   OM2VL
 Outside 7th Area Single-Op Low-Power Mixed   Don/N5LZ   N8II
 Outside 7th Area Single-Op High-Power CW   Dick/K4XU   K6RB
 Outside 7th Area Single-Op Low-Power Phone   Andy/KK7AC   K6GHA
 Outside 7th Area Single-Op Low-Power CW   Matt/K7BG   VE7CV
 Outside 7th Area Single-Op QRP CW   Quinton/NU7Y   W4UT
 7th Area Mobile High-Power Mixed (Single-Op)   Tim/KD7RUS   KT7G
 7th Area Mobile Low-Power Mixed (Single-Op)   Bob/W0BH   WA7NCL
 7th Area Mobile High-Power Mixed (Multi-Single)   High Desert Amateur Radio Group   K5YAA
 7th Area Mobile Low-Power Mixed (Multi-Single)  Ted/KC7PM and Mac/KG7C   WW7D
 7th Area Mobile Single-Op Low-Power CW   Wayne/AI9Q   KS5A
 7th Area Single-Op High-Power Mixed   CODXC   K7L
 7th Area Single-Op High-Power Phone   Max/KF7MAX   KK7YC
 7th Area Single-Op Low-Power Mixed   Ronnie/KK7YC   W7YAQ
 7th Area Single-Op Low-Power Phone   Jared/N7SMI   KK7AC
 7th Area Single-Op High-Power CW   Arizona Outlaws Contest Club   W7KF
 7th Area Single-Op Low-Power CW   Tom/WB7EUX   KN7T
 7th Area Single-Op QRP CW   W7FST - Reno QRP Group   W7YS
 7th Area County Expedition Low-Power Multi-Multi (Single County)   Bob/WS7N   K7D
 7th Area County Expedition Multi-Multi (County Line)   Arch/W7ACD   W7PRA
 7th Area County Expedition Single-Op Mixed (County Line)   Don/N5LZ   NX1P
 7th Area Multi-Multi   Bob/W7YAQ   W7RN
 7th Area Multi-Single   Willamette Valley DX Club   KG7NV
 7th Area Multi-Single Low Power   Bob/WS7N   KN7K
 High Score - DX   John/K7WP   DL5AWI
 High Score - Indiana   Mel/KJ9C   N9FN
 High Score - Arizona   Gary/KE7DX   W7Z
 High Score - Idaho   Idaho DX Association   W7QC
 High Score - Nevada   Sierra Nevada Amateur Radio Society, W7TA   KU7Y
 High Score - Oregon Low Power   Scott/NA7OM   K7ZX
 High Score - Utah   Jim/W7CT   NN7ZZ
 High Score - Washington   Jay/N7ZUF   N7BV
 High Score - Wyoming Low Power   Jerry/WB7S   N7MZW
 High Score - Canada   Sergey/KN7K   VE7JH
 High Score - Europe   Jim/K9JF   DL3GA
 Most Washington Counties Worked   Clark County ARC   NX6T
 High Score - Digital (Single-Op)  Spokane DX Association   N7AM
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7QP / The 7th Call Area QSO Party

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