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Bob's Photo Pages

The Latest....

Sunrise at N6M (Timber Mountain, Modoc County, CA)

2012 Pacific Northwest DX Convention

The 2012 Edition of the Pacific Northwest DX Convention will be held August 3rd through the 5th in Clackamas, Oregon.    The Willamette Valley DX Club is the organizer and sponsor of this major event.

For complete information, visit here.

K2DI's DXCC List - 2011 Version

The 2/2011 version of K2DI's DXCC List is now available.

5W0/ZK3 DXpedition Updates -- The Last Word

The Last Word for any DXpedition is the article in QST.    The October 2010 issue of QST has an entertaining article by Bill Vanderheide (N7OU) on the Spring 2010 5W0/ZK3 operation that included our own W7YAQ.    The article is called "Slow Boat to Tokelau" and there are some nice photos also.

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